Strike to Success!

Never thought in my life that I would work for an Australian company.

Julio travels to the world of Aussies as he tries to literally enter into the Public Relations industry.

It was indeed my dream since college to pursue this career and indeed God listens to my prayers. As I continuously promote my events management business, I took the risk to apply as a PR Specialist for an Australian account.

I am so thankful for I felt their trust and confidence with me that I may actually do the task well. Now, I am facing unexpected challenges that drives me to keep researching and learning to be one of the best in this industry.

I expect more challenges and learnings as months pass by. May the odds be ever in my favor.


Strike Group Australia Pty Ltd.

Strike Group Australia Pty Ltd.

Strike Group Australia, leader in global distribution of telecommunications and automotive accessories, and was among the first to introduce Bluetooth technology into more than 79 countries in the world.

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It’s Time For You to Hire a Planner!

“People would always want to make their occasion a memorable one!” 

Julio travels not in a certain place but in the world of entrepreneurship, taking the risk of selling his talents on event planning, styling, coordinating, hosting and others.

Wedding & Debut Connection stands with their mission and commitment in making one’s special day, a moment to cherish! 

It was 2005 when the business started by its founder, Mr. Teddy Macalagay, Jr. who later on became a Christian minister. 

Today, it is his son who became the successor, Julius Macalagay is in-charge of the whole operation now of the business. 

Wedding and Debut Connection

Wedding and Debut Connection


W&D Connection offers different kinds of services to its clients, such as:

1. Planning & Coordination
2. Wedding Coordination
3. Debut Coordination
4. Event Coordination

Why hire W&D Connection as your event planner and coordinator?

W&D Connection can guarantee you of a cost-effective, worry-free, smooth, fun, enjoyable, wonderful and memorable wedding, debut, anniversary or any other event.

Even if your friends, relatives and immediate family members volunteered to help you in the preparation and during the big day of your event, they are also your guests and should be free to share the joys of this day with you. They will be just as excited and nervous as you are on this day, they cannot handle the responsibility smoothly.

Planning a Wedding or Debut involves a lot of work, even if you personally handled the details, you cannot direct your own event during your big day. You should look at your best and get rid of stress. W&D Connection can do the execution of the planned details as efficient as possible.

Most people think that hiring an event planner and coordinator is an added expense, it’s a false understanding. Planners and coordinators actually help you to save by working within your budget, get discounts, avoid costly mistakes and avoid wasting your time and energy.

W&D Connection can help you from planning to execution making it a personalized special event for you.

W&D Connection can avoid common mistakes and works out to make it a perfect event for you. Common mistakes could be scattered wedding entourage, ring bearer lost the rings, missalettes were not distributed, corsage and boutonnieres were not pinned to sponsors, cake was not delivered, wine and doves were missing, souvenirs were not distributed to guests, cake left over and gifts were left behind the reception venue after the wedding, no procedure, guidance and coordination both on church and reception. These mistakes should be avoided.

Thus, W&D Connection is there to take care of all these things, making it a worry-free and hassle-free great event for you! 


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Before Saying the Words, “Yes, I do.”

It’s practically a month before the most hectic season for wedding planners comes. 

Julio travels to Pasay City and Tagaytay City to attend the two grandest wedding expos for this mid-year organized by Weddings & Beyond and Destination Wedding Fairs respectively.

As Weddings & Beyond aims to continuously create a comprehensive listing of suppliers for weddings and other events, its 19th edition of wedding expo was organized on May 2 & 3, 2014 at the World Trade Center Manila in Pasay City.

19th Edition of Weddings & Beyond at the World Trade Center Manila

19th Edition of Weddings & Beyond at the World Trade Center Manila

Respected names of wedding suppliers attended the said event; from weddings stylists, make-up artists, caterers, reception venues, hotels, resorts, couturier, and many more. Most of the participants are Manila-based but some are located in provinces nearby the capital city.

Booth of a Photography Company

Booth of a Photography Company

Booth of an Invitation Making Company

Booth of an Invitation Making Company


Booth of a Photography Company

As a young wedding stylist, this is a good start for me in reaching my potential clients as well as suppliers. Soon-to-wed couples are very much encouraged to attend to this kind of expo as they will have an idea on how to make their dream wedding a reality.

Bridal Car being parked outside the World Trade Center Manila

Bridal Car being parked outside the World Trade Center Manila

Another wedding expo happened on May 2-4, 2014 in Tagaytay City entitled, “Tagaytay Wedding & Travel Expo 2nd Season.” 

Event Tarpaulin outside the Tagaytay International Convention Center

Event Tarpaulin outside the Tagaytay International Convention Center

The said event was organized by Destination Wedding Fairs who annually organizes the same expo at the most romantic city of the country. This expo offered great discounts and freebies for soon-to-wed couples who attended the event.

I recommend those who plan to conduct their event at the city to attend this expo as majority of its exhibitors are based within Tagaytay City.

The most unforgettable part of attending the said expo is when I, together with my girlfriend Vanessa had the chance to experience riding a vintage wedding car, but I didn’t start the engine, though.

I and Vanessa posing inside a Vintage Bridal Car

I and Vanessa posing inside a Vintage Bridal Car

So, before saying the romantic words, “Yes, I do,” better plan your dream wedding now and start talking  with the experts.

About the Organizers: 

  • Weddings & Beyond has committed itself into making wedding-planning fun, easy and memorable for all our guests. We always thrive to serve all our clients’ needs, so we have come up with different ways to make your trips to our wedding expos worthwhile.

  • Destination Events and Business Solutions annually organizes a wedding and travel fair in Tagaytay City. With over 80 exhibitors from Tagaytay and other nearby cities offering great discounts and freebies.



Magical Bonding Experience at Enchanted Kingdom

It’s not #LaBoracay that trends on social media during that day!

Julio travels to Enchanted Kingdom on Labor Day with his sister Julie, church-mate Ara and girlfriend Vanessa.

Gate of Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom located at San Lorenzo South, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

It’s been more than a year since I last visited this place with my college friends. Ara was the mastermind of this bonding day since she is only allowed to go places with us, her church-mates. Since its holiday, the park opened at 11am with a rate of Php 600.00 for regular guests (Senior Citizens and Students may avail discounts provided that you will present valid IDs at the cashier).

Employees dance as their special number before the park officially opens its gates. It’s really contradicting to what we are expecting since guests were not that many although it’s a legal holiday on that day. My conclusion was it was not placed on a long weekend, that’s why. Whatever the reason is, we’re indeed lucky that we do not need to stay on long queues for us to enjoy our favorite rides.

We started with “Disk-O-Magic!” 

Enchanted Kingdom's Disk-O-Magic

I and Vanessa posing with Disk-O-Magic at the back

After we rode, everyone’s commenting that we shouldn’t start our day with the said ride. We have categorized it afterwards as part of Enchanted Kingdom’s extreme rides! 

We have availed an unlimited ride ticket, however there are some attractions that are being paid separately like the “7D Interactive Motion Theater (formerly 4D Discovery Theater).” A guest may enjoy the ride upon paying the Php 100.00 fee. This ride is really exceptional as it was my first time to experience a 7D film.

Among all the rides that we have ridden, “Rio Grande Rapids” is our all-time favorite, I must say. It’s not as extreme as EKstreme Drop Tower, Space Shuttle, Anchors Away and Disk-O-Magic but it was so fun to ride this attraction. To tell you honestly, this produces the longest queues among all other attractions at the park.

Enchanted KIngdom's Rio Grande Rapids

Guests waiting for their turn at Rio Grande Rapids

Unfortunately, the park does not allow its guests to bring food and drinks inside, so everyone ought to buy their food and drinks at stores placed at all corners of the park. To give you an idea, it’s bottled water costs Php 35.00 each; however there are some water fountains located inside, though I really do not recommend you to use it.

We really enjoyed the time we spent at Enchanted Kingdom and I’m pretty sure, you too will enjoy once you’ve tried its exciting and fun rides.

Enchanted Kingdom's Flying Fiesta

Ara and Julie enjoying their selfie time at Flying Fiesta

Enchanted Kingdom's Rialto

Posing before Ice Age film starts to roll inside Rialto

I recommend also everyone to ride the “Wheel Of Fate” which made me paralyzed for about two minutes since I was so afraid of the heights. The view from the top was so beautiful, though.

Enchanted Kingdom's Wheel of Fate

Wheel of Fate


Top View of Enchanted Kingdom's Wheel Of Fate

Julie posing while riding the Wheel Of Fate

Thumbs up to EK team for giving us that magical experience that we have enjoyed throughout the day!

Enchated Kingdom's Grand Carousel

Posing before leaving the park, Grand Carousel at the back


How to get there:

By Public Bus

Local buses are available to take you to and from Enchanted Kingdom.

Bus Company: Jam Liner Transit
Location: Pasay City near Buendia LRT station
Bus Route: Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare: PhP 61.00
Travel Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour
Bus Company: JAC Liner
Location: Pasay City near Buendia LRT station
Bus Route: Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare: PhP 61.00
Travel Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

By Public FX/Van

Location: EDSA Crossing (in front of Star Mall EDSA)
Van / FX Route: Balibago (Waltermart: Sta. Rosa, Laguna)
Fare: PhP 80.00
Travel Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

By Car / Private Buses

Parking facilities are available for private vehicles.
Parking Fees:
Private Cars: PhP 50.00 (fixed rate)
Private Buses: PhP 35.00 (fixed rate)


Source: Enchanted Kingdom 

About Enchanted Kingdom: 

Enchanted Kingdom enjoys the reputation of being the “Disneyland” of the Philippines. Much of this reputation is the result of attractive thematic layout of the park, complement of available rides and attractions, fulfilling and fun experience, and the efforts made by the EK staff and employees to provide all EK guest with a magical experience.

(02) 830.3535 local 333 and 444